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24K (L) - Type Acqua id Gioia (L) - Type
Addict (L) - Type Alien (L) - Type
Amazing Grace (L) - Type Amber White (L) - Type
Angel (L) - Type Apple Bottoms (L) - Type
Armani (She Emporio) (L) - Type Aromatic Elixir (L) - Type
Baiser Vole (L) - Type Be Delicious (L) - Type
Beautiful (L) - Type Beckham SIGNATURE (L) - Type
Bijan (L) - Type Black Woman Unique (L) - Type
Bora Bora (L) - Type Born Wild (L) - Type
Bottega Vaneta -Gucci (L) - Type Bright Crystals Versace
Bulgari (L) - Type Burberry Beat (L)
Burberry Body (L) - Type Burberry Brit (L) - Type
Burberry Summer (L) - Type Burberry Summer (L) - Type
Burberry'S (L) - Type Cabotine (L) - Type
Calyx (L) - Type Can Can Paris (L) - Type
Carolina Herrera (L) _ Type Casmir (L) - Type
Chanel 5 (L) - Type Chloe (L) - Type
CK Beauty (L) - Type Closer (L) - Type
Coach (L) - Type Coach Love (L) - Type
Coach Poppy (L) - Type Coco (L) - Type
Coco Mademoiselle (L) - Type Coco Noir (L) - Type
Coolwater (L) - Type Creed Virgin Island Water (L) - Type
Curious (L) - Type Curve (L) - Type
Curve Crush (L) - Type D&G Light Blue (L) - Type
D&G The One (L) - Type Dare Me (L) - Type
Dark Kiss (L) - Type Design (L) - Type
Diva by Ungaro (L) - Type DKNY (L) - Type
DKNY Cashmere Mist (L) - Type DKNY Pure (L) - Type
Dolce and Gabana (L) - Type Ed Hardy (L) - Type
Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers (L) - Type Ed Hardy Love & Luck (L) - Type
Elie Saab (L) - Type Ellen Tracy (L) - Type
Emporio Diamonds (L) - Type Escada (L) - Type
Escada Rockin Rio (L) - Type Escape (L) - Type
Estee Lauder (L) - Type Eternity (L) - Type
Euphoria (L) - Type Exotic Cactus Flower (L) - Type
Fabulosity (L) - Type Fairy Dust -P. Hilton (L) - Type
Fame (L) - Type Fan di Fendi (L) - Type
Fendi (L) - Type First (L) - Type
Flower Bomb (L) - Type Forever Mariah (L) - Type
G. Flora (L) - Type G. Premiere (L) - Type
G.G.B.G. Rihanna (L) - Type G.S. Lovers -G (L) - Type
Giorgio (L) - Type Glow J.Lo (L) - Type
Goddess (L) - Type Green Tea (L) - Type
Gucci (L) - Type Gucci Envy (L) - Type
Gucci Guilty (L) - Type Gucci Rush (L) - Type
Guess Seductive (L) - Type Halle (L) - Type
Halston (L) - Type Happy (L) - Type
Heat - Beyonce (L) Type Heat Rush - Beyonce (L) - Type
Heavenly Dream Angel (L) - Type Heiress Hilton (L) - Type
Hot Couture (L) - Type Hypnotic Poison (L) - Type
Idole (L) - Type Insolence (L) - Type
Issey Miyake (L) - Type J'adore (L) - Type
J.C. Couture Couture (L) - Type J.Lo Live (L) - Type
J.Lo Still (L) - Type J.P. Gaultier (L) - Type
Japanese Cherry Blossom Jeans, Red (Versace) - Type
Jessica McClintock (L) -Type Jimmy Choo (L) - Type
Joy (L) - Type Juicy Couture (L) - Type
Juicy La La (L) - Type K. Kardashian GOLD (L) - Type
K.C. Black (L) - Type K.C. Reaction (L) - Type
Kenzo Flowers (L) - Type Kim Kardashian (L) - Type
Knowing (L) - Type Kors Island (L) - Type
L'air du Temp (L) - Type L'eau de Chloe (L) - Type
L.A.M.B. (G.S.) (L) - Type La Coste (L) - Type
LA'Rose Angel (L) - Type Lady Million (L) - Type
Lauren (L) - Type Live in Love (L) - Type
Liz Claiborne (L) - Type Lola- Marc Jacobs (L) - Type
Lolita Lempicka (L) - Type Lollipop Bling Honey (L) - Type
Love in Black (L) - Type Love Spell (L) - Type
Love, Chloe (L) - Type Lovely, SJP (L) - Type
Luscious Pink (L) - Type M. Carey (L) - Type
M. Jacobs Daisy (L) - Type M. Kors Gold (L) - Type
Madame Rochas (L) - Type Magie Noir (L) - Type
Magnetism (L) - Type Mambo (L) - Type
Marc Jacobs (L) - Type Mary J. Blige- My Life (L) - Type
Miami Glow J.Lo(L) - Type Michael Kors (L) - Type
Michelle Obama (L) - Type Midnight Fantasy (L) - Type
Midnight Heat (L) - Type Miracles (L) - Type
Miss Cherie Dior (L) - Type Moon Sparkle (L) - Type
Narcisco Rodriguez (L) - Type Narcisse (L) - Type
Nautica (L) - Type Nicole Miller (L) - Type
Night Queen (L) - Type Nina (L) - Type
Nude (L) - Type O'Oui (L) - Type
Obsession (L) - Type Ocean Dreams (L) - Type
Ombre Rose (L) - Type Opium (L) - Type
Organza (L) - Type Oscar de la Renta (L) - Type
P.E. 360 (L) - Type Pacific Paradise (L) - Type
Paloma (L) - Type Paris (L) - Type
Paris Hilton (L) - Type Parisienne (L) - Type
Passion (L) - Type Patti Labelle
Patti Labelle Girlfriend (L) - Type Perry Ellis (L) - Type
Pheremone (L) - Type Pink (L) - Type
Pink Friday (L) - Type Pink Sugar (L) - Type
Play for Her by Givenchy (L) - Type Pleasures (L) - Type
Poeme (L) - Type Poison (L) - Type
Polo Sport (L) - Type Poppy Flower (L) - Type
Prada (L) - Type Prada Candy (L) - Type
Prada Infusion (L) - Type Pulse (Beyonce) (L) - Type
Pure Orchid -Halle (L) - Type Queen Latifah (L) - Type
R. Cavali Serpentine (L) - Type Radiance (L) - Type
Ralph (L) - Type Realities (L) - Type
Rebelle (L) - Type Rebl'l Fleur - Rianna (L) - Type
Red Beverly Hills (L) - Type Red Door (L) - Type
Reveal -Halle (L) - Type Rive Gauche (L) - Type
Romance (L) - Type Safari (L) - Type
Sexy Graffiti (L) - Type Shakira (L) - Type
Shalimar (L) - Type Shi (L) - Type
Someday -Justin B. (L) - Type Stella (L) - Type
Sun Moon & Stars (L) - Type Sunflowers (L) - Type
T.F. Black Orchid (L) - Type T.F. White Patchouli (L) - Type
Tommy Girl (L) - Type Touch (L) - Type
Tropical Punch (L) - Type True Reflection (L) - Type
True Religion (L) - Type U.R. (L) - Type
Unbreakable -Kloe K. (L) - Type Unforgivable (L) - Type
Unforgivable Black (L) - Type Usher (L) - Type
V.S. Bombshell (L) - Type V.W. Bouquet (L) - Type
V.W. Princess (L) - Type V.W. Sheer Veil (L) - Type
V/S Coconut Temptations (L) - Type Vera Wang (L) - Type
Versace, V/S (L) - Type Very Irresistible (L) - Type
Very Sexy (L) - Type Victoria Secret (L) - Type
Villian -Ed Hardy (L) - Type Vince Camuto (L) - Type
Viva la Juicy (L) - Type Weekend (L) - Type
White Diamonds (L) - Type White Linen (L) - Type
Wonderstruck (L) - Type Yellow Diamonds -Versace (L) - Type
Youth Dew (L) - Type Ysatis (L) - Type
Daisy (L) -Type Japanese Cherry Blossom (L) - Type
Vince Camuto (L) - Type Amber White (L) - Type
Baiser Vole (L) - Type Bottega Vaneta - (L) - Type
Juicy la la (L) - Type Elie Saab (L) - Type
G. Premiere (L) - Type Exotic Cactus Flower (L) - Type
Armani (She Emporio) (L) - Type CK Beauty (L) - Type
Nude (Rihanna) (L) - Type Romance (L) Type
Cabotine (L) - Type Flash (Jimmy Choo)(L) Type
Minajesty (L) Type Rogue (L) Type
Marc Jacobs Honey (L) - Type Jimmy Choo (L) - Type
Jimmy Choo Flash (L) - Type V.Secret Poolside Breeze (L) - Type
Downtown Calvin Klein (L) - Type Coach Love (L) - Type
Cartier Baiser Vole (L) - Type Vince Camuto (L) - Type
Gucci Premiere (L) - Type Elie Saab (L) - Type
Nude (Rihanna) (L) Killer Queen (Katy Perry (L) - Type
Mod Muse (Estee Lauder)(L) - Type Cherry in the Air (Escada)(L) - Type
Encore (Alfred Sung)(L) - Type Body (by Kouros) (U) Type
Tory Burch (L) Type Chinatown Bond 9 (L) Type
Couture la la (Juicy Couture) (L) Type Glam Jasmine (M.Kors) (L) Type
Eros (Versace) (M) Type Flash (Jimmy Choo)(L) Type
Juicy Couture Blossom (L) (Type) Juicy Couture Blossom (L) (Type)
Romance (L) Type Mariah Carey (L) Type
Three (3) Favorite Fragrance Oils for Her (L)-type 5th Avenue (L) - Type
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Alien (L) - Type
Alien (L) - Type
Our Price: $10.00

Alien (L) - Type 1/3 oz. size regular roll on bottle
Acqua di Gioia (L) type
Acqua di Gioia (L) type
Our Price: $10.00

Acqua di Gioia (L) type 1/3 oz. size glass bottle with steel roller ball.
Amazing Grace (L) - Type
Amazing Grace (L) - Type
Our Price: $10.00

Amazing Grace (L) - Type .33 oz. size designer glass rollette bottle
Angel (L) - Type
Angel (L) - Type
Our Price: $10.00

Angel (L) - Type 1/3 oz. size regular roll on bottle
Aromatic Elixir (L) - Type
Aromatic Elixir (L) - Type
Our Price: $10.00

Aromatic Elixir (L) - Type 1/3 oz. size regular roll on bottle
Be Delicious (L) - Type
Be Delicious (L) - Type
Our Price: $10.00

Be Delicious (L) - Type 1/3 oz. size regular roll on bottle
Beautiful (L) - Type
Beautiful (L) - Type
Our Price: $10.00

Beautiful (L) - Type 1/3 oz. size regular roll on bottle
Bijan (L) - Type
Bijan (L) - Type
Our Price: $10.00

Bijan (L) - Type 1/3 oz. size regular roll on bottle
Burberry (L) - Type
Burberry (L) - Type
Our Price: $10.00

Burberry'S (L) - Type 1/3 oz. size regular roll on bottle
Burberry Beat (L) - Type
Burberry Beat (L) - Type
Our Price: $10.00

Burberry Beat (L) - Type 1/3 oz. size regular roll on bottle