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Shop our 100% pure products that contain only the finest ingredients bringing you quality fragrance oil and products at low costs.  Our ladies fragrance oils  are available in various sizes, Scented Shea Lotion, Scented Avocado Butter, Scented bath and Shower Gel.  

Featured Products

724 MFK (U) (Type)

24 KT Jivago (L) Type

360 Degrees (L) Type


Acqua di Gioia (L) Type


Aromatic Elixir (L) (Type)


Alien (L) (Type)


Amber Love (L) (Type)


Amber White (L) (Type)


Amyris Femme MFK (L) (Type)


Angel (L) (Type)


Ari (L) (Type)

Armani My Way  (L) Type

Armani Si (L) (Type)


Armani Si Fiori (L) (Type)


Baccarat Rouge 540 MFK (U) (Type)


Be Delicious (L) (Type)


Beautiful (L) (Type)


Bella (L) (Type)


Bijan (L) (Type)


Black Cannabis (U) (Type)


Black Woman Unique (L) (Type)


Bond No. 9 (U) (Type)


Bora Bora (L) (Type)

Burberry'S (L) (Type)

Burberry Beat (L) (Type)


Burberry Brit Sheer (L) (Type)

My Burberry (L) (Type)


Burberry London (L) (Type)


Burberry Summer (L) (Type)

Burberry Weekend (L) (Type)


Calyx (L) (Type)


Carolina Herrera (L) (Type)

C.H. Good Girl (L) (Type)

Chanel Chance Tendre (L) (Type)

Chanel Coco (L) (Type)

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle (L) (Type)


Chanel No. 5 (L) (Type)

Chanel Gabrielle (L) (Type)


Chloe (L) (Type)

Chloe Narcisse (L) (Type)

Ck one (U) (Type)

Ck be (U) (Type)


Ck1 Gold (U) (Type)

C.K. Escape (L) (Type)


C.K. Eternity (L) (Type)


C.K. Euphoria (L) (Type)

C.K. Obsession (L) (Type)

Clinique Happy (L) (Type)


Coach (L) (Type)


Coach Poppy (L) (Type)


Coco Mango (U) (Type)

Cool Water Ladies (L) (Type)

Creed Aventus (L) (Type)

Creed Millesime Imperial (U) (Type)


Creed Santal 33 (U) (Type)


Creed Vetiver (U) -Type


Creed Virgin Island Water (U) (Type)


Curve Crush (L) (Type)


D.K. Cashmere Mist (L) (Type)


D.K. Casmir (L) (Type)

Dolce & Gabbana (L) (Type)


D & G Light Blue (L) (Type)

D & G The One (L) (Type)

Dior J'Adore (L) (Type)

Dior Miss Cherie (L) (Type)

Dior Poison (L) (Type)

Ed Hardy Love & Luck (L) (Type)


Elie Saab (L) (Type)

Ellen Tracy (L) (Type)

Escada Island Kiss (L) (Type)

Escada Moon Sparkle (L) (Type)

Escada Pacific Paradise (L) (Type)

Escada Rockin Rio (L) (Type)

Fresh Linen (Clean Linen) (L) (Type)


Fendi (L) (Type)


5th Avenue (L) (Type)


First (L) (Type)

Giorgio B.H. (L) (Type)

Givenchy Amarige (L) (Type)

Givenchy Hot Couture (L) (Type)


Glow J. Lo (L) (Type)


Gold Bakhoor (U) (Type)

Goddess (L) (Type)


Golden Sands (U) (Type)


Green Tea (U) (Type)

Gucci Bamboo (L) (Type)

Gucci Bloom (L) (Type)


Gucci Guilty (L) (Type)

Gucci Rush (L) (Type)


Issy Miyake (Leau D'Issy) (L) (Type)


J.P. Gaultier (L) (Type)

J.P. Scandal (L) Type


Japanese Cherry Blossom (L) (Type)


Jasmin Rouge (L) (Type)

Jimmy Choo (L) (Type)


Juicy Couture (L) (Type)

J.C. Viva la Juicy (L) (Type)

Kayali Vanilla 28


Kenzo Flowers (L) (Type)


Kim Kardashian (L) (Type)


Knowing (L) (Type)


L'Air Du Temp (L) (Type)


L. La Nuit Tresor (L) (Type)


L. La Vie est Belle (L) (Type)

L. Miracles (L) (Type)

L. Poeme (L) (Type)


Lady Million Fabulous (L) (Type)


Lolita Lempicka (L) (Type)


Mambo (L) (Type)

Mango Butter (U) (Type)


Marc Jacobs (L) (Type)

M. Jacobs Daisy (L) (Type)

M. Jacobs Decadence (L) (Type)

M. Jacobs Honey (L) (Type)

M. Jacobs Perfect (L) Type


Michael Kors (L) (Type)


M. Kors Gold (L) (Type)


M. Kors Sexy Amber (L) (Type)

Michelle Obama (L) (Type)


Narcisco Rodriguez (L) (Type)


Night Queen (L) (Type)


Ocean Dreams (L) (Type)


Ombre Rose (L) (Type)


On the Beach (U) (Type)


Oscar de la Renta (L) (Type)

Prada (L) (Type)


P. Candy (L) (Type)


P. Paradoxe (L) (Type)


Paloma Picasso (L) (Type)


Paris Hilton (L) (Type


Patti Labelle (L) (Type)


Pink Fridays (L)(Type)


Pink Sugar (L) (Type)


Pleasures (L) (Type)


Robert Cavalli  (L) (Type)


R.L. Ralph (L) (Type)

R.L. Romance (L) (Type)

R.L. Woman (L) (Type)

Rihanna Crush (L) (Type)

Rihanna Nude (L) (Type)

Rihanna Rebl'l Fleur (L) (Type)


Red Door (L) (Type)


Rolling in Love (Kilian) (U) (Type)


Shalimar (L) (Type)


Sunflowers (L) (Type)


Tory Burch Bel Azur (L) (Type)

Tom Ford Noir (L) (Type)

T.F. Bitter Peach (U) (Type)

T.F. F****ng Fabulous (U) (Type)

T.F. Ombre Leather (U) (Type)

T.F. Velvet Orchid (L) (Type)


T.F. Black Orchid (U) (Type)


T.F. Tobacco Vanilla (U) (Type)


Tommy Girl (L) (Type)

V & R Flower Bomb

Versace Bright Crystal (L) (Type)

Versace Eros Femme (L) (Type)

Versace Yellow Diamonds (L) (Type)

V. Secret Bombshell (L) (Type)


V.S. Heavenly Dream Angel (L) (Type)

V.S. Love Spell (L) (Type)

V.S. Very Sexy (L) (Type)


Vince Camuto Bella (L) (Type)


Wet Kisses (U) (Type)

White Diamonds (L) (Type)


White Linen (L) (Type)

Y.S.L. Libre (L) (Type)

Y.S.L. Black Opium (L) (Type)

Y.S.L. Mon Paris (L) (Type)

Y.S.L. Paris (L) (Type)

Y.S.L. Rive Gauche (L) (Type)

Yummy Vanilla (U) (Type)





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