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Our men fragrance oils  are available in various sizes, Scented Shea Lotion, Scented Avocado Butter, Scented bath and Shower Gel.  Shop our 100% pure products that contain only the finest ingredients bringing you quality fragrance oil and products at low costs. 

Featured Products


A. Acqua Di Gio (M) (Type)

A. Acqua Di Gio Absolu (M) (Type)

A. Dunhill British Leather (M) (Type)

A. Dunhill Desire (M) (Type)

Armani Black Code (M) (Type)

Armani Prive Oud (M) (Type)

Amyris MFK (M)

Angel Thierry Mugler (M) (Type)

Animale (M) (Type)


Angel Share (Kilian) (U) (Type)


Animale (M) (Type)


Anucci (M) (Type)


Azzaro Chrome Legend (M) (Type)

Azzaro Chrome Pure (M) (Type)

Azzaro Wanted (M) (Type)


Burberry Brit (M) (Type)


Baccarat Rouge 540 (U) (Type)


Black Cannabis (U) (Type)

Baby Powder (U) (Type)

Blue Nile (U) (Type)


Bora Bora (M) (Type)


Boucheron (M) (Type)

Bulgari Black (M) (Type)

Burberry (M) (Type)

Burberry Brit (M) (Type)


Burberry London (M) (Type)


Burberry Touch (M) (Type)

Burberry Weekend (M) (Type)

Carolina Herrera (M) (Type)


C.H. 212 (M) (Type)

C.H. 212 VIP (M) (Type)


C.H. Africa (M) (Type)

C.H. Bad Boy (M) (Type)

C.K. Escape (M) (Type)

C.K. Eternity (M) (Type)

C.K. Euphoria (M) (Type)

C.K. Obsession (M) (Type)


Cartier (M) (Type)

Cartier Declaration (M) (Type)


Chanel Bleu (M) (Type)

Chanel Platinum (M) (Type)

Chanel Pour Monsieur (M) Type


Cool Water (M) (Type)

Creed Aventus (M) (Type)

Santal 33 (U) (Type)

Creed Milleseme Imperial (U) (Type)

Creed Silver Mountain Water (M) (Type)

Creed Green Tweed (M) (Type)


Creed Virgin Island Water (U) (Type)


Curve (M) (Type)


Dolce & Gabbana (M) (Type)


D & G Light Blue (M) (Type)

D & G King (M) (Type)

Diesel Plus (M) (Type)

Dior Fahrenheit (M) (Type)

Dior Sauvage (M) Type


Obama (M) (Type)


L.V. California Dream (U) (Type)


L.V. Ombre Nomade (L) (Type)


L.V. On the Beach (U) (Type)

Opium (U) (Type)


Oxygen (M) (Type)


Paco Robanne (M) (Type)

P.R. Invictus (M) (Type)


P.R. Invictus Aqua (M) (Type)

P.R. Invictus Victory (M) (Type)

P.R. One Million (M) (Type)

P.R. One Million Lucky (M) (Type)

P.R. Phantom (M) (Type)

P.E. 360 Degrees (M) (Type)


Paul Sebastian (M) (Type)


Pleasures (M) (Type)


Prada (M) (Type)


Prada Amber (M) (Type)

Prada Luna Rossa Black (M) (Type)

R.L. Polo (M) (Type)

R.L. Deep Blue (M) (Type)


R.L. Black (M) (Type)


R.LPolo Blue (M) (Type)

R.L Ralph (M) (Type)

R.L Polo Red (M) (Type)


R.L Polo Red Intense (M) (Type)


R.L. Polo Sport (M) (Type)


Royal Bain De Champagne (M) (Type)

Sandalwood (U) (Type)

Sean John 3 a.m. (M) (Type)

S.J. Unforgivable (M) (Type)


Sexual Sugar Daddy (M) (Type)


Swiss Army (M) (Type)


Tom Ford Noir (M) (Type)

T. Ford Bitter Peach (U) (Type)

T. Ford Electric Cherry (U) (Type)

T. Ford Neroli Portofino (U) (Type)

T. Ford Ombre Leather (U) (Type)

Ted Lapidus VIP (M) (Type)


Tobacco Vanilla (U) (Type)


True Religion (M) (Type)


Usher (M) (Type)

V & R Spicebomb (M) (Type)

Versace pour Homme (M) (Type)

V. Black Jeans (M) (Type)

V. Eros (M) (Type)

V. Eros Flame (M) (Type)


V. Eau Fraiche (M) (Type


V/S Very Sexy (M) (Type)


Vince Camuto (M) (Type)

YSL Body Kouros (M) (Type)

YSL Kouros (M) (Type)

YSL Libre (M) (Type)

YSL 'Y' (M) (Type)


YSL La Nuit De la Homme (M) (Type)


YSL Yves St. Laurent (M) (Type)





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